My Cecilia Tee

I stepped out of my comfort zone!

Recently, I tested the Cecilia Puff Tee by Once Upon A Sewing Machine. It was an easy sew and as an extra, I decided to try blocking for the first time. So, of course, crazy me, tried a hard block, the heart!! Ok, maybe not crazy but definitely adventurous!

Layout and cutting was simple but the actual pinning and stitching was the hard part. But enough of all the talk, here’s the end result!



Why not try your own tee? The free pattern comes in sizes 12m to 8Y. Give it a go!

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My Perfect Summer Peplum

So recently, I was chosen to test the Perfect Summer Peplum by AimerLae & Finn, part of the Aspiring Designers Challenge. I love the way it turned out! It was such an easy sew. It took all of an hour! (with cutting!) And that is a big deal for me since all my time is usually elsewhere engaged! (i.e. — my wonderfully busy two little ones)

I tested for a 6 month size so getting a six month old to sit still for pictures is like herding cattle in a china shop! (Yes, I know, that’s two cliche’s in one sentence! 😛 ) Anyway, here are some photos for you to see how it turned out!



Enjoy! Don’t forget to leave me a comment below!


My Primrose Dress

Love that spring is finally here and we finally get to wear something other than sweaters, jackets and shawls! I like those too but after a while, you want to see the sunshine and flowers and birds and.. ok, you get the point!

This past month, I was able to test the Primrose dress from Peekaboo Patterns.

It was such a pretty dress that I had to try it out! My little one is learning to flip over so I’m not able to get the pictures I wanted but squirmy babies is a good thing too, (sometimes!) 🙂