My child travel pillow

It’s been busy here with summer and our traveling around. So recently we decided to take a little car ride and my kiddos fell asleep in their car seat and I kept trying to hold their head up. Imagine doing this for two kids while you’re on the one side of a large infant seat and your other sleeping kid is on the other side! Not pretty, let me tell you! Also, not effective as you would like.

So I searched online for a good kids travel pillow and of course found several kinds. But I thought I’d try and make up my own version. I wanted something that I could easily wash, so a pillowcase sort of deal, while still functional.

Mine was sized for the pillows my kids already use daily so if you’re making one, measure for the size of pillow you use.


Button hole and button at the strip to keep in place on car seat shoulder belt


I also included a hook tape piece so the pillow doesn’t fall out!


I added tags at the bottom to tie down and keep it from moving around.


We’ll be going on a long car trip soon so I’ll post more pics of it in use.
Till then, enjoy!


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