My Junebug dress

The first time I ever sewed a dress was when my little one turned almost a month old and I was taking her to church for the first time. Looking through the many clothes she received I realized all her “formal” dresses were all too big and there was nothing I could find in stores to my liking. So I thought, (in my sleep-deprived state of mind) “why don’t I make one for her? So I searched online for hours and found so much inspiration and patterns and finally decided I’ll try the Junebug dress from the wonderful blog Since the dress was white, I felt a ribbon would add a bit more dressy-ness, so I added a sash. It was winter so I added some long sleeves to the dress and here’s the result!

Junebug dress with long sleeves and ribbon

(Sorry about the weird sepia tone of the picture, my camera skills is in the works as well!)

So what do y’all think? Let me know in the comments below.


Hello world!

On top of life with two little ones and helping them adjust to the new world, I decided that I wanted to try my hand at something new! Sewing! I started this blog to share with you the things I make. Obviously, I’m a beginner at blogging and sewing is just a hobby; crazy things are bound to happen but that’s what life’s about. So, here’s to wonderful sewing adventures!